Why GreenPal?

We understand each party's frustration when it comes to lawn service.

For homeowners, finding someone trustworthy to care for your lawn isn't easy.

Answering a flier or flipping through the phone book or online classifieds is a scary proposition. Can you trust the vendor? How do you pay them?

It's equally frustrating for the lawn care professional.

Handing out fliers, walking door-to-door, and placing online ads aren't reliable ways to secure customers.

It was out of these frustrations that the concept for GreenPal was born. In just a few simple steps, homeowners can list information about their lawns and the specific work they would like to have performed by pre-screened lawn care professionals. Lawn care pros can pick and choose which projects to bid on, in hopes of securing a long-term customer.

Scheduling, payment, and research are simplified, all for free from a computer or mobile device.

Our goal is to make the entire process safer and more streamlined, resulting in satisfied homeowners and busy lawn care teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does GreenPal work?

    • It's a very simple process for homeowners. First, enter your address to create your lawn profile. Then, pre-screened lawn professionals will submit bids to you on performing your specified lawn service. Once you've selected a vendor, you pay online when the job is complete. Still unsure? Check out this short video that explains the GreenPal process.

  • What does it cost?

    • For homeowners, it's free. List your lawn, receive bids and select your service provider at no cost. Using our secure site, you pay the lawn professional at the agreed-upon price when the job is complete.

  • How do I get bids for my lawn?

    • Create an auction by listing your address and the date desired for the service. You will receive multiple bids from GreenPal's qualified lawn care professionals within 48 hours of the listing. Homeowners can view those bids via email or mobile app notification, or on the GreenPal website within your account.

  • Who are these lawn care professionals?

    • GreenPal carefully selects which lawn professionals we allow to provide service to homeowners. We've implemented an approval process to become a GreenPal partner, including:

    • Background checks

    • Pictures of past work

    • Professional references

    • Verification of equipment and experience

    • Acceptance of the GreenPal Quality of Standards

  • How do I know whether they're safe to use or not?

    • Once accepted as a vendor, the lawn professional must maintain an acceptable level of service or they will no longer be allowed to conduct business with GreenPal. Using customer feedback and our rating system, we ensure the highest level of quality is maintained.

  • How and when do I pay the vendor?

    • You can pay securely via the GreenPal website or mobile app by using your PayPal account, once the job has been completed to your satisfaction.

  • How do I schedule service?

    • By using the GreenPal appointment scheduler, you suggest the date(s) desired when you list your yard. Our lawn care professionals will confirm the date when they submit bids for your review.

  • Do I have to send my yard out to bid every time?

    • Not at all. Once you find the GreenPal professional that is right for you, you can set the desired date(s) moving forward, from weekly to bi-weekly or even unique dates. The service process will not change - you will still receive a notification and picture each time the job is completed. Just set it and forget it!

  • Am I obligated to pick a vendor to cut my grass?

    • In the unlikely event that you are not pleased with any of the bids received, you are not obligated. You can work with GreenPal to list a new auction to ensure we find the right lawn care professional for you.